A Creativity Workshop for Everyone

About the Workshop

A Creativity Workshop for Everyone is a thinking exercises program for all kinds of professionals. Whether your team is directly involved in producing creative content, or you want to support a culture of thinking outside of the box, this workshop provides a fun and interactive learning experience for groups of up to 20 people.

This series of group exercises is designed to help adults exercise and grow their creative muscles. The activities can be more geared towards visual thinkers or verbal thinkers depending on the who the participants are.

Exercises may include verbal, visual and musical thinking. I talk about what creativity is and how to develop a culture of rewarding creative risks. Additionally, we touch upon how to turn brainstorming into a cultivated concept.

The length and focus of the workshop can be adjusted to suit your needs. 

About the Instructor

Georgianna Krieger is a visual artist and jazz musician. Her lifelong pursuit of creative thinking has taken her through experiences in several fields besides fine art, including clay animation, toy design and music . Her creative life has inspired her to design this workshop, in the hope that it can inspire new ways of thinking for others.

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