Georgianna Krieger - saxophone

Georgianna Krieger is a sought-after performer and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She currently plays soprano, alto and baritone saxophones with the acclaimed Melba’s Kitchen, and her own group: Ensemble Embrace. She teaches private saxophone lessons to students age nine and up in her Oakland, California studio. In 2022 she released Embrace, an album of original melody driven songs for the saxophone.

Georgianna began playing the saxophone at the age of 9 and just kept playing. She spent several formative years growing up in Denton Texas, a fabled jazz town, and attended the Arts Magnet High school at Booker T. Washington in Dallas. Her first musical memory is of Gerry Mulligan, so it’s not surprising that she plays the baritone saxophone in addition to alto and soprano.

While studying sculpture at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Georgianna also earned a Bachelors Degree in Jazz and Commercial Music. If you asked her, Georgianna would tell you she sees a direct correlation between gestural drawing, her sculpture and jazz improvisation. “The media are quite different” she says, but the conceptual goal: “to explore a fleeting moment”, is the same.

Embrace – Songs for the Saxophone

Embrace, the album is a collection of songs for the saxophone that I wrote during the height of the pandemic 2020-2021. Each song began with a melody that I played on the saxophone and that’s the main thing that connects them. While the compositions evolved in different directions, they were all influenced by my love of jazz and fusion.

There is an “album cover” available for each song on my Bandcamp merch page. I have fond memories of buying a record and sitting on the floor reading the liner notes and studying the cover art for clues while listening intently. So I created a piece of visual art that I hope pairs well with each song for like minded folks.

The album features a number of luminous Bay Area musicians who lent their artistry to bring these songs to life.

Learn more and listen to Embrace on Bandcamp.

Resonance Jazz Ensemble
I am a founding member of Resonance Jazz Ensemble. This eight piece ensemble includes winds and strings and is unique in its instrumentation and sound. Resonance has performed at Yoshi’s to sold out audiences as well as SF JazzCenter. This year the group is returning to Fantasy Studios to record their second album, this time featuring original compositions. This seasoned Bay Area group is lead by Steve McQuarry and includes notable musicians Nancy Bien, Ted Burik, Greg German, Michelle Mastin, Michele Walther and Laura Austin Wiley.
Georgianna’s original composition “Green Glass Door”
Soprano saxophone solo with Resonance. Yoshi’s 2017